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What Do you BELIEVE?

We believe both the Old and New Testaments as the foundation for our faith, and the inspiration for our daily lives. We put those teachings into practice at home, at work, and in everyday life,... all to the glory of God..

The Jesus Film DVD--distributed by The Jesus Film Project, this powerful film has been translated into more than 1400 languages for sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ in remote areas around the world.

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TCO includes these and other exciting tales...

Experience the love of God's grace, every day.
Our mission is to help you explore your relationship with God and thus improve your relationships in family and    everyday life.  We want you to experience the strength of God and His love, compassion, forgiveness, healing, and His empowerment--all through the victory of His Son, Jesus Christ, at the cross of Calvary.

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Ten Tales of Outdoor Hunting Adventure

...that Glorify God




​​​​a few reader COMMENTs....

"a good read and a good gift... a gifted writer". -- Cortez Journal, 

"My priest apparently ran across your book and read it. He loved

it... and recommended it to me. -- M.K., Missouri

"We just love your book...many of my widow friends have enjoyed

it and just keep passing it on to others. --B.D., (age 84) Illinois


Rated 5 of 5 stars by
Goodreads.com  "...certainly

helps the reader recognize
the greatness of God..."

Rated 10 of 10 stars by
Christian Book Distributor

(CBD)  "a must-read for

every outdoorsman"



  Steven Coy was born, raised, and educated in Illinois before moving

to the Rocky Mountains. After short stints in Colorado and New Mexico, he spent more than two decades roaming the hills and mountains of Wyoming, where he and his wife--who now reside in SW Colorado--raised their two sons, Caleb and Jedekiah.

    His unique educational background includes a BS from Southern Illinois University in natural resource management, and two graduate degrees from the University of Illinois at Springfield--one in biological sciences/wildlife and one in psychology/counseling.  He also holds the Doctor of Ministry degree from Trinity Theological Seminary where he graduated summa cum laude in Old Testament Studies.  

  His professional experiences include teaching, counseling, pastoral ministry, business ownership, and seven years as a wildlife biologist with the US Department of Interior in Wyoming.  His outdoor stories have been published in several outdoor/hunting magazines including Outdoor Life, Eastmans' Hunting Journal, Christian Outdoorsman magazine, Remington Country, the Wild Sheep Foundation's Wild Sheep, and others.